“Para Siempre” our Charity and way to give back…💜💜💜

1968 a little girl was left at a hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The nurse attending the birth decided to adopt that baby despite being 45 years old, a single mother of a teenager and having no support system available to her.

This nurse named Angela, raised that baby girl, with all the best she could give her. Eventually that Angela got old, got sick with demential/Alzheimer's desease. That little girl, now an adult, took her of her until her last breath.

That little girl, was me. My mom Angela told me always "Te amo para siempre"

"Para siempre" stayed with me and I decided to name my charity that.
My charity that I have been doing for about 10 years, in which we take backpacks with gifts and items to little children all over the world children that are either in a foster home or an orphanage. 

As a world traveller, I have been blessed to do this everywhere I go and my daughter, Seve who now joins me as well.

This is a way to honor Angela and her love for me. A love that saved my life. 
You too can do something special for someone, anyone.  

Sandra 💜💜💜💜😽

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